Bike Troubleshooting

  1. The console shows only zeros.
  2. The tension on my bike is very tight.
  3. What is the difference between Fat Calories and Watts?
  4. Console is displaying Fat Calories instead of Watts.
  5. NTEX0490/29896 Clutch Bearing Replacement
  6. Other Questions

1. The Console Shows Only Zeros.

If the console does not function properly, the magnet and reed switch should be checked.

In order to adjust the reed switch, the side shields must be removed. Next, locate the reed switch, and turn the crank until the magnet is aligned with the reed switch. Loosen the screw holding the reed switch, but do not remove it. Slide the reed switch slightly closer to or away from the magnet until there is a 1/8″ gap. Retighten the screw. Turn the crank for a moment. Repeat until the console displays correct feedback. When the reed switch is correctly adjusted, reattach the side shields.

2. The Tension On My Bike Is Very Tight.

Many of our bikes use a strap to create resistance when pedaling. Check your user’s manual or call our customer service hotline to see if your bike has this feature. To adjust the strap, the left side shield must first be removed. Next, turn the resistance knob to the lowest setting. Locate and open the strap buckle(46). Grip the end of the resistance strap(47) and pull it up to remove any slack. While holding the end of the resistance strap, fully close the strap buckle. Turn the crank for a moment to make sure that there is not too much resistance. When the resistance strap is properly adjusted, reattach the left side shield.

3. What Is The Difference Between Fat Calories And Watts?

  • Fat calories burned is a better measurement of exercise efficiency than Watts.
  • Watt is a unit of power generated by the user during their exercise.
  • Watts is a measurement of the input power, not the output wattage of the exercise. The console is measuring the amount of power into the workout, not the power that would be generated by the workout. Output wattage is approximately 25% of the input measurement.

4. Console Is Displaying Fat Calories Instead Of Watts.

  • First, if the console requires batteries, please remove them.
  • There is a diode on the back of the console labeled D5. If D5 is intact, watts produced will be displayed. If D5 is clipped, Fat Calories will be displayed.

5. NTEX0490/29896 Clutch Bearing Replacement

  1. Unscrew the crank cap (#53 on the exploded drawing) on both crank arms (#50 and #51).
  2. Unscrew both of the M8 x 22 crank bolts (#54).
  3. Make sure that the internal threads on the crank arm are clean, then thread the crank puller nut fully into the left crank arm (#51), using a wrench if necessary.
  4. Thread the crank puller into the crank puller nut. Continue turning the crank puller until the crank arm is free from the crank axle (#52). Remove the crank arm puller and nut.
    NOTE: If the crank puller has a long handle it will be necessary to remove the pedal (#69) from the crank arm before pulling the crank arm.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the right crank arm (#50).
  6. Remove the screws securing the left and right sideshields. Note that the lengths of the screws differ, with the short screws coming from the bottom of the sideshield and the long screws coming from the top of the sidesdshield and around the pulley cover.
  7. Use the snap ring pliers to remove the left and right snap rings (#55).
  8. Gently roll the drive belt off of the pulley (#49).
  9. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the left end of the crank axle (#52) until the axle and pulley (#49) come free from the frame.
  10. Note the orientation of the old crank axle (#52) and pulley (#49). Slide the new crank axle through the new pulley with the same orientation as the old assembly.
  11. After verifying that the crank bearings (#56) are in position in the frame, slide the pulley washer (#92) over, then on the crank axle (#52). Next, slide the crank axle through the crank bearings from right to left. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the axle through, if necessary.
  12. Lock the crank axle (#52) in place with the left and right snap rings (#55).
  13. Place the belt drive into position over the pulley (#49) and feed it onto the pulley while turning the pulley by hand.
  14. Reattach the two sideshields with the screw removed in step 6.
  15. Place the left crank (#50) into position on the crank arm (#52). Use a rubber mallet to tap it into position. Repeat for the right crank arm (#50). Be sure to orient the right rank arm 180 degrees from the left crank arm.
  16. Secure the two crank arms (#50 and #51) with a crank arm bolt (#54), then reattach the crank caps (#53).

6. Other Questions

If you have any other questions, call our customer service hotline at 1-800-334-5944. Please have your model number and serial number with you when you call.