• The console shows only zeros.
  • There is no incline movement.
  • What is magnetic resistance?
  • How does generator resistance work?
  • Other Questions

1. The console shows only zeros

If the console does not function properly, the magnet and reed switch should be checked.

In order to adjust the reed switch, the side shields must be removed. Next, locate the reed switch, and turn the crank until the magnet is aligned with the reed switch. Loosen the screw holding the reed switch, but do not remove it. Slide the reed switch slightly closer to or away from the magnet until there is a 1/8″ gap. Retighten the screw. Turn the crank for a moment. Repeat until the console displays correct feedback. When the reed switch is correctly adjusted, reattach the side shields.

2. There is no incline movement

If your elliptical machine has a power incline (an incline motor) and the incline is not moving but you can hear the motor running, you need to order a new incline motor. The gears in the motor have been broken.

3. What is magnetic resistance?

The flywheel uses a magnetic bracket that is shaped to conform to the flywheel. The bracket is bolted to the frame at one end. This acts as a hinge to allow the bracket to move closer to the flywheel (more resistance) and farther away from the flywheel (less resistance). An adjustable tension cable is attached to the other end of the bracket. It is this cable which adjusts the resistance level.

4. How does generator resistance work?

Introduced in late 1998, a generator provides quiet resistance as the user exercises. Multiple sets of windings allow different resistance levels. There are three components to this resistance style There is the generator, a relay control board and the console. The generator provides resistance as the user pedals. As more windings are activated, the resistance increases. The relay control board is used as an interface between the console and the generator. The leads from each winding are attached to this board along with a wire harness from the console. There are a series of relays on this board that control the resistance of the generator. As more resistance is called for from the console, more of these relays will close, bringing more windings into the circuit and increasing the resistance. The console controls the resistance setting and displays information to the user. It is powered by batteries, but also uses the voltage from the generator to ‘back light’ the display.

5. Other Questions

If you have any other questions, call our customer service hotline at 1-800-334-5944. Please have your model number and serial number with you when you call.